Anime Winter 2017


Checked out the information about Winter 2017 anime season and (as usual) there are a lot of shows we’re going to watch. I think it’ll be interesting to compare how many of them I’ll be able to mark as “completed” next spring =)

The chart is available here and here come some picks – I suppose that these series are going to be not so bad and they deserve a chance:

The second season of Konosuba – a comedy show about a hikikomori who was resurrected in a fantasy world and who brang a goddess Aqua with him. The first season was funny and  I believe that for authors it’s possible to come up with several dozens of new jokes for the second one.

Little Witch Academia – TRIGGER has already released a couple of OVAs about cute little witches (who would’ve thought that the show with such name is about witches, right) and one thing we know for sure – it will be drawn perfectly.

Kuzu No Honkai – I know nothing about this one but hope it’s worth a shot. Romantic anime and the poster looks nice. Want to find a trailer now.

Chaos; Child – I like this series (Steins; Gate, Robotic; Notes) but unfortunately I haven’t seen the Chaos; Head that is a prequel to this show. So “Child” is one more reason to educate myself =)

Fuuka – the synopsis is quite silly but the poster is very stylish. All the chances that I’ll drop it after a couple of episodes, but at least I’m going to check it out.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (2nd season) – the first season was amazing and I can sincerely recommend it to everyone. It’s a rare case when we can learn something about traditional Japanese art rakugo and watch a story whose main audience is supposed to be adults.

Demi-chan Wa Kataritai and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – I have no idea what these shows are but I like A-1’s and KyAni’s anime and I don’t think that I’ll die if I watch episode or two.

BanG Dream! – I still haven’t lost my faith into musical anime and we’ve had a perfect example of series about girls and guitars.


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