mhe roadmap

To add a bit of consciousness to the development of my primitive rendering framework I decided to create a plan, without any dates, though, just to have an opportunity to cross out lines and see some progress:

  • add serialization and loading scenes and objects from files (already implemented, to some extent);
  • implement voxel cone tracing;
  • check out the PBR equations I use;
  • implement Frostbite-style SSR (and fix cubemaps usage for cases when SSR fail);
  • add remote debugging;
  • add “default” assets, like unlit shader, white (or pink) texture and so on;
  • move to OpenGL 4.x;
  • “vulkanify” internal structures;
  • simplify code, especially initialization and how dependencies between passes and materials should be set up;
  • add transparent materials;
  • add compressed textures support;
  • try to understand and implement this technique
  • familiarize myself with Spherical Gaussians;

I think that will be enough at least for a year =)


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