Just an ordinary day. The open beta test of our game “Color Pirates” took off today in Russia for those who had bought a founder pack (early access pack here). Surprisingly, so far so good, at least there haven’t been any serious technical issues yet.

Removed two teeth, came home and it turned out that in the 11-th episode of “Yuri on ice” JJ basically lost all the chances to win Gran Prix. And I believed in this guy. What a day.

At least learned one thing – that in English we can use either “senpai” or “sempai”. From yahoo answers: “Both are fine. Senpai is often seen romanized as “sempai” because it is pronounced that way (the Japanese “n” (ん) is pronounced as “m” when it comes before bilabials, such as “p”).” I guess that in Russian we always write and say “seMpai”. Once again felt an urge to begin learning Japanese but hopefully threw this thought away recalling how lazy I am =)


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