The rehearsal today was rather useless, the guitarist managed to break two (two!) strings and of course he didn’t have a new set. I knew that we should’ve made a break today =) On the way home I got acquainted with driving on a slippery icy road and for me it was an interesting experience – you’re trying to do one thing, the car does something completely different. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to repeat such a situation =)

Watched the first episode of the “Black Mirror” (about a premier minister and a pig) and this show is going to be really tough. But it does have something in it, something that doesn’t let you go until you see the credits.

Finally, tried to beat the Shadow Yukiko in Persona 4, still without success. I’m starting to suspect that I haven’t run long enough on the previous floors of the Tower =) This is the thing I really don’t like about the Persona series – that your characters must have a decent level before the boss fight otherwise you’ll be just wasting hours and hours of time (yep, it’s true, to some extent, about other JRPGs as well, but only in Personas I regularly suffer from that).


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