March has come in… and it’s great

What is a key to success in anime? Turned out, it’s quite simple. Take a good manga and ask Shinbou Akiyuki to be the director. Chika Umino who wrote the beautiful “Honey and Clover” that eventually became the best romantic anime in the worldthis is my personal opinion and the best anime director of the current generationagain, this is my personal opinion teamed up and that’s been a brilliant idea.

The story about a lonely shogi player Rei and his struggles is decent itself but it’s the visual that allows the show stands out. It’s simply perfect (as always, Akiyuki knows his trade). That’s why I’m not sure that the live action should’ve been announced with such rush – I believe that people will miss the scenes from the anime. How can the live action repeat this?


Or that?


To add up, it’s very funny to compare the moments which might’ve been taken directly from the manga (made with, I’d say, Umino-style, people who are familiar with “Honey and Clover” know what I’m talking about):

…and moments which creator is doubtlessly Akiyuki:



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