2016: music

The December is about to end and it means that time has come. Yep, that awful time when you want to write something about year’s results and most memorable moments. I’m going to start with music.

Unfortunately, this year hasn’t presented me with anything extraordinary and there hasn’t been any albums which I could just loop in the player and listen to them again and again. I haven’t discovered any new great metal bands (found a couple of nice once that not so, hm, metal, though). However, there were several descent albums that I’d like to mention and several disappointments.

Let’s begin with the second category.


Anthrax – For All Kings



It’s not that bad. But I still haven’t lost faith that sooner or later Anthrax will release something as big as “Persistence of Time” or “Among the Living”. Well, I have to wait a bit longer, I suppose.



Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct


Very long and extremely boring album and the only comparisons it might win are comparison with even more boring “Load” and with plainly awful “St Anger”.



Sodom – Decision Day



Sodom is one of my favorite bands and only by that standard this album is disappointment. Onkel Tom can write songs way better.



Enough with criticism for today, here come my personal “Albums of the year”.

Babymetal – Metal Resistance


I had known about this band before the “Road of Resistance” but this peace showed that they stand out from the rest J-rock girls-only bands. Americans agreed with me – it’s the highest charting Japanese album in the USA in 53 years.


Volbeat – Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie


I learned about this Danish band by accident – I was reading the article in Wikipedia about a former Anthrax guitarist and it appeared that he had joined some guys from Denmark. I listened to their latest album and I have to admit it – it’s really good. And pay attention to the vocals (you probably won’t be able to avoid it anyway, though).


Destruction – Under Attack


This year Destruction visited Voronezh and it was a great show even though there were only 100-150 fans. Less than a month after this concert the band released “Under Attack”. Unfortunately, they played only one song from it here – I wouldn’t mind if they also performed “Generation Nevermore”, for example.



Death Angel – The Evil Divide



Death Angel has one beautiful trait – all their albums are the same but it’s still interesting to listen to them. “The Evil Divide” is fast, sounds great and contains two or three songs that may be easily remembered.



Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake



Testament at its best. Actually I don’t know what to say about this album but I do know that everyone who cares about thrash metal must listen to it.




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