Yuri On Ice

Finally we’re done with Yuri On Ice. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a good series and I managed to overcome all the episodes despite my hatred towards sports anime. But for me virtually all the best moments left in the first episodes, before the actual competitions started. Yuri, his family, his absolutely expected and standard relationships with Viktor, his arguments with Yurio, tons of fanservice – I enjoyed it a lot. But competitions – meh. Now I had to watch about 60 or 70 percent of time how they perform their short and free programs. Meh one more time. However, I have to admit that because of those Gran Prix we met a lot of nice characters. Supporting cast in the “Yuri on ice” is superb. Otabek, JJ, Chris – all of them should’ve had more screen time. And according to the simple logic – JJ had to win! But he isn’t a main character so he should be satisfied with his third place. Have I said already that I hate sports anime?


And now we should start preparations to the inevitable second season =)


“You want to see more Viktor, don’t you?”


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