I’m not going to count hours until the next volume of “Drifters” manga is released and probably that isn’t going to be the same as with “Hellsing” when we watched every new OVA episode as soon as it had been translated. But I still look forward to the second season – characters are great (and mad) and make us look up the details of their biographies on the Internet, the story is OK but what’s most important is that Hirano does have his unique style. Weird and bloody – but unique! It’s impossible to confuse his way of drawing and I really admire how he manages to put humorous scenes in the generally dark and brutal story.


Our heroes. They look smart and reliable, don’t they?

And one more thing about characters – it seems sometimes that Hirano doesn’t know anything about being correct from any point of view (social, historical and so on) and in the Drifters’ world it’s a very useful feature. Do you think you know who Jeanne D’Ark was? C’mon, she is just a totally crazy woman who burns everything of her way. Oda Nobunaga? He’s a pervert and a maniac who wants to gather as much power as he can. Count of St. Germain? Well, he is a nice guy (guy?) who can’t hide his passion to half-naked men. And all of them, ALL, are shown from a side you wouldn’t have expected.


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