2016: books and games

Proceeding with the results of 2016 the next step is: books and games.

My choice of the book of the year is Redshirts.

This science fiction novel written by John Scalzi tells us a story about several crew members of the spaceship Interpid. Their initial enthusiasm about getting positions on the most famous ship in the Universe is quickly replaced with perplexity and then – with suspicions. Too many people die during away missions. And what is even more suspicious – few officers always survive those missions including ones where the only possible outcome should’ve been their death. Adding up the strange methods of how officers usually report to their superiors, impossible devices that do impossible things and other unexplainable stuff  – all this can have only one explanation. Everything around our heroes is a sci-fi show. And not the hi-quality one, to be honest. Unfortunately, they aren’t the main characters in this show and sooner or later they’ll have to die. Because this is how it works.

Don’t be too skeptical about “Redshirts”, I’m just a bad reviewer =) This book is written really well, it’s a fun read and it exploits a relatively fresh idea about people who find out that they were created or put somewhere just to entertain other people who want to relax watching TV or reading a book.

The best game this year for me is Divinity: Original Sin, although we haven’t explored even a half of its world. “Divinity” has proved that old-school RPGs are still alive and well. It looks beautifully, dialogs are really nice, turn-based combat mechanics offers everything we can dream of. But the most important thing is that we can play together and this immediately gives “Divinity” several bonus points.


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