Asuka-senpai, part 2

I did write about Asuka-senpai already, but yesterday we finished Hibike Euphonium! 2 and I once again got a reason to mention her. After the second season of “Euphonium” Asuka for me has started looking like a character who might be a role model. Yes, she isn’t ideal, the anime emphasizes that constantly. She is selfish; she can easily say something unpleasant to other people, directly though, without hiding behind the back of the club’s president or others; she is on her own and doesn’t allow anyone to get closer.

But Asuka is strong. Even when she has problems she acts in such way that her problems shouldn’t make any impact on others. Talking about problems: she doesn’t just go with the flow, instead Asuka looks for possible solutions and tries as hard as she can to get over all the difficulties. And she always smiles. No wonder that near the end of the show Kumiko totally changed her opinion about the senpai and even fell in some kind of weird Kumiko’s love with her (although Kumiko is one of few people who did have a chance to know Asuka better).




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