2016: work and programming

2016 wasn’t (probably now I can write this instead of “hasn’t been” =)) very productive for me in the fields related to my work. We have released “Cloud Pirates” but mostly it was just scheduled, not very creative process: you get a task – you try to complete it on time. You have a bug – you try to fix it and don’t add a dozen new ones. I was responsible for all things related to graphics and for a big part of gameplay code, plus, after the release date for the project had already been set and we began cleaning stuff up, I was also fixing bugs in the interface part (even got familiar with lua).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time for the personal project, however:

  • I learned a bit about vulkan and I’d like to work with it more in 2017;
  • Implemented volumetric fog that was described in the beautiful Bart Wronski’s presentation;
  • Tried to implement a PBR;
  • Implemented a functioning LPV prototype;
  • Used a geometry shader for the first time =) and learned about other smaller but useful things (such as glEnable(GL_DEPTH_CLAMP) I mentioned earlier).

And a small list of my plans on 2017 (in additional to those): vulkan, learn a new programming language (rust, probably?), do a proper math course and algorithms course.


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