Graf had insisted so much that I should stop playing Pillars of Eternity and try Tyranny instead that I finally gave up and yesterday embarked on a new journey into a new world. The world where evil dominates and you always have to choose between bad and very bad.

First random impressions, then.

I like games that joyfully greet you with such pastoral landscapes:


The game runs smoothly on linux without any vsync problems (I had some with Pillars).

At a quick glance Obsidian has made the combat system slightly easier – I created a mage and many spells now have a cooldown in place of a number of uses until the next rest.

Dialogs are nice and have a lot of options, which become available depending on your skills (the same as with Pillars). And again the game immediately dumps tons of information on you and I believe that some patience is required to move through all those names and places that are being mentioned.


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