I have already broken the promise I gave and spent two days without any blog posts. I’m going to acquit myself for this misdemeanor, however, because I left the city and didn’t use the Internet at all. Although I had time to:

  • Beat my brother in chess two times. It was pure luck, though, he obviously would’ve won hadn’t he made two serious mistakes;
  • Read the first two volumes of the Bakuman manga. It’s that rare case when I still haven’t watched the anime so for me it was a completely new experience. And the manga isn’t bad at all. After we got home I even started reading their next series – Platinum End.
  • Finished the awful-awful (c) book – A Song for Arbonne. It seems I should ignore the fantasy genre for a while because the last two fantasy books I read were too boring, too predictable and contained so many illogical moments! And those books are praised by readers a lot! (Just for the history’s sake – the previous one was Uprooted).
  • We’re finally done with autumn anime season – Fune Wo Amu and Occultic; Nine are completed. The first one was really nice. It is a story about a dictionary department of a publishing company and their attempts to create a new dictionary. If you like slow stories about adults aspiring to the new heights it’d be a good pick. Occultic; Nine, unfortunately, is much weaker then it might’ve been. It’s a thriller made by A-1 about a series of mystical events which somehow related to a boy, Gamon Yuta, who’s the owner of a site dedicated to occultism. In its second half the authors try to explain everything and connect all the loose ends but their explanations are questionable – the plot is the weakest component of this anime. Character design and visuals are made with the typical A-1’s quality, though.

I’m going to skip several days of blogging again because tomorrow we set off for Saint Petersburg. While all the country starts working we’ll be sleeping in the train, wandering the streets of one of the most famous Russian cities and eating Japanese food there, hehe.


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