Anime Winter 2017: the beginning

Checked out 3 series from the current season. My first impressions about them below (spoiler: the season is going to be rather weak).

Demi-chan Wa Kataritai

This is a cute show about a biology teacher and his conversations with demi-humans (or, to make it sound more casual – demies). In the first episode we meet several types of demies: a vampire, a dullahan, a succubus and a snow woman. Despite their differences all of them have something in common – they are adorable! Probably, Demi-chan won’t be surprising us with plot twists or character development but it’s (again) cute and looks like a good way to spend 20 minutes in the evening.



I considered the possibility that Fuuka would be a stupid anime. Turned out, the reality is even worse. It’s an absolutely meaningless show about a guy who lives with 3 sisters (of course, the sisters do not hesitate showing their underwear when they’re at home), who doesn’t have any friends and who meets a girl, Fuuka. Fuuka likes music, showing her panties and punching people who might’ve seen them. Drop. We didn’t even bear watching until the end of the first episode.


Little Witch Academia

Actually, this is an extended version of a very nice OVA with the same name. Akko, a young girl who dreams about becoming a witch, arrives in the Witch Academia. She meets friends there, gets into troubles (because she is, let’s say it out loud, far from being a genius and at the same time has an enormous reserve of energy) and tries to grow up as a witch. It’s a simple but bright and kind anime. To add up, I believe that Trigger are going to use a lot of hand-drawn animation there and for me this is an additional reason to watch.



3 thoughts on “Anime Winter 2017: the beginning

  1. The second episode of Fuuka wasn’t so bad but I can totally understand dropping it after one episode. Probably the only reason it didn’t hit my drop list was because the second episode was already there and by the time I finished watching that it had kind of mellowed my opinion a little.

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