Platinum End

I read manga only on rare occasions and, frankly, don’t know much about what’s popular now or what titles might become hits in the nearest future. I do know, though, that I enjoyed the “Death Note” manga created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Then I obtained four volumes of their next work, Bakuman, and strengthened the opinion that they make something I get along with very well. So, I believed that their current manga, Platinum End, would be at least as good as mentioned two.

Well, it’s not bad. In the beginning it slightly resembles the mix of “Death Note” and “Mirai Nikki”. 13 people have been given a chance to become the next God. They obtain supernatural powers and should compete to determine who will be promoted to the most powerful creature in the universe. Each of these powers has its limits and conditions when it can and can’t be used. Such rules immediately remind of Death Note and the competition, to some extent, makes me think about a story of Yuno Gasai and Yuki. This melt should’ve become a hit.

But I really forced myself to finish the 14-th chapter and finally move further, to the next manga. In the Bakuman one of the editors, Hattori, tells the main characters that readers nowadays are too experienced and they can easily understand when an author tries to squeeze out a tear from a reader and similar things.  It’s funny and sad at the same time because Ohba and Obata do use such tricks in Platinum End. The scene about Mirai and Saki when she asks him to kill her, what the hell was that? Metropoliman’s enbalmed sister, really? Why did Sokotani decide to become a Metropoliman’s servant? Meh.

To wrap up, a couple of words about the visual. Maybe, I’m saying that under the generally negative impression but I liked Death Note’s and Bakuman’s images much better. However, it’s still drawn very well.

P.S. despite the things I’ve written I’m going to go on with this manga, I’m pretty sure that reading it at a pace “one chapter in several months” will shine a new light on it.


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