Anime Winter 2017: part 2

Youjo Senki

The Empire is surrounded with enemies and the war doesn’t stop even for a minute. One of the most important assets on the battlefield now is mages who can fly and, well, cast spells. One of the Empire’s mages is a little girl Tania who, despite looking as if she’s just 10 years old is merciless and fearless.


For me the story is kind of boring and I didn’t like the design of the characters.

Urara Meirochou

This is a slice of life/comedy about fortune tellers. To be precise, mostly about four girls who want to become fortune tellers. Unfortunately, this anime didn’t show anything that could’ve hooked me up. It’s way far from being the next K-ON or Lucky Star.


Masamune-kun No Revenge

Masamune-kun is a high school student who wants to get revenge on a girl who rejected his love many years ago. Basically, that’s it. There were a couple of OK jokes in the first episode, though, so I’m going to try one or two episodes more.


Kuzu No Honkai

I had imagined this anime to be completely different. I thought it’s going to be a lovely story about a couple that need to understand their feeling. In reality, we have a boy who loves a music teacher, a girl who loves her “Brother” and this Brother is also a teacher in their school. In its turn these two teachers apparently don’t mind to become closer with each other. The boy and the girl, understanding that it’s unlikely to make their love dreams come true, start dating and they were on the verge of having sex in the very first episode (normal couples are waiting for about 16 episodes). And this sex scene would’ve been okay if it didn’t look like a beginning of a mediocre hentai. The entire episode looks awkwardly, cheaply and falsely.


Gabriel Dropout

This is a comedy about an angel who arrives to Japan and understands that she likes online games and NEET style of life in general. There are also other angels and demons and it’s a bit funny that our angel, Gabriel, doesn’t care at all about her, far from angelic, behavior and her friend, a demon, as opposite is a very conscious and kind girl. Gabriel DropOut a nice show but I’m pretty sure that it’ll become weaker by the 6th or 7th episode. We’ll see.



The second time this season when I dropped an anime without even getting through the first episode. Seems, I’m getting old and can’t tolerate faceless shows anymore.


3 thoughts on “Anime Winter 2017: part 2

  1. Thank you. Yes, I did read your review on Seiren and I can only envy your patience – the whole episode =) You haven’t done the Kuzu No Honkai review yet (or maybe I missed it?), were you going to try it out? So far, this is the main disappointment for me

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  2. I don’t have access but you are the first person to tell me you are disappointed with it. Every other review I’ve read has been a rave (or at least very positive about where it might go). I really do want to watch it but I’m going to have to put it on my wait list until after the season and see where I can get access at a later date.


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