Persona 4

Persona 4 is addictive. Really, it’s like watching a good anime. On the one hand you want to put the Vita down and just start doing something else but on the other – you haven’t visited your club for a while, caught the only one small fish and Kanji still doesn’t attend school. Oh! And I didn’t mention the garden, going out with Yukiko and running from one temporary job to another. How can I increase my courage because I can’t enter the shrine at night? What does the girl do on the roof at school? Is Marie’s past really so dark as I imagine it?

And I’m not event talking about the dungeon part, although it keeps you busy even more that the social life in this game.

Persona 4 has risen the bar so high that now I wonder if Persona 5 will be able to surpass it (especially considering the superheroes setting of the new game). Or maybe it doesn’t matter because it will be the new Persona – a must-play game anyway!



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