Saint Petersburg

With a one-week delay we finally managed to visit Saint Petersburg.

I wouldn’t say that it was really a breathtaking adventure, even though it started with a last minute jump in the train and that was quite thrilling because neither me nor my wife had done something like that before, but I think this trip was worth the money and time we spent.

The biggest problem we had during the visit was sleeping. Or, to be precise, the number of ways people around us tried to leave us awake. When we’re in the train to Spb there were crying children, during the night in the train back to Voronezh there was an old woman who was eating all the time, walking and rustling. In addition, it was delightfully cold in the railway carriage. During the first night in the hostel, where we’re staying, someone turned on the music on YouTube twice, about 6 am and 7 am (there were computers on each floor). We’re going to kill anyone who’d imagine to entertain themselves such way on the second night but, luckily, it was calm.

Day 1

We had strolled along the Nevsky avenue, up and down, had visited several must-see places (like the Bronze Horseman) and stopped in a nice Japanese taiyaki-dedicated cafe (here). It’s a really nice place, small and home-like. It has been the first time we’ve ever tasted taiyaki, mochi and macha tea (though I believe that we would’ve been able to degustated such food at the Voronezh Anime Festival).

Oh, and about St Petersburg’s architectural style. Well, probably it really is different from most of Russia but for me it seemed surprisingly like Moscow (maybe that’s because I’m a stupid and ignorant person). The bridges across Neva looked impressively, though, and, well, I liked the view along the river in general.

Day 2

The day was completely dedicated to the Hermitage Museum. By the end of the day we virtually wore our legs out and could barely stay, not mentioning walking. Checked what pizza like in Pizza Hut (Sergei’s checklist “What I should do before I die”: visit St Petersburg, check; eat a slice of pizza in Pizza Hut, check), drank a couple of beers and found out that we had to make a medical examination appointment.

Day 3

It was the last day there. So, taking into account the number of strides we did the other day, we chose a slightly smaller museum – The Kunstkamera. Wouldn’t say that it’s the best museum in the world but it won’t hurt to visit it once. One more tour along the Nevsky and off we go! Back to Voronezh!



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