After we’d been told that the medical examination was awaiting I decided that the time had come and I should warn the employer that we’re going to move to Canada. So, on Monday I had as many as four private conversations discussing that matter! Surprisingly, everything went quite well. No one was yelling at me, at least =) The day for us ended up again in the train, this time – to Moscow.

“Trains are never late”, they said. Hah! The locomotive had broken down and if we hadn’t stopped just a several dozens kilometers from Moscow we would’ve never made it in time. Fortunately, we got in the capital with just an hour and a half delay. Probably, next time we should take a rabbit’s leg with us or a four-leaf clover.

The examination itself was rather trivial. We filled in the applications in the IMO (overhearing the dialog about the enormous number of papers one has to gather if he or she wants to move to the US) and then moved to a hospital. The hospital was, hm, not bad, something related to the government, with security and virtually without patients. All tests are done, physician’s consultation completed – and we even still could get on the train that arrives that very evening!

Now my only hope that the doctor who’ll be checking out the results of the examination won’t find anything suspicious and we’ll be done at least with this stage.


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