Anime (random thoughts)

Demi-chan Wa Kataritai is becoming a harem anime. I absolutely didn’t expect that. What I didn’t expect even more is that this “haremisation” wouldn’t make the anime worse. Maybe because of the main sex symbol here, Takanashi-sensei, who isn’t a typical anime character – he’s an adult and even can say the word “sex” without hesitation =)

The second season of Konosuba isn’t as good as the original series. The animation has become more ugly (yes, I understand that this was meant to be a feature) and the best jokes are ones which have been taken directly from the first season.

Little Witch Academia also can’t compete with its predecessors, seems, it’s borrowing to much from popular books and films about a boy with a lighting bold shaped scar.

It’s really strange to watch such anime as Ergo Proxy now, in 2017. We’re diving into it on a slow, slightly forgotten, there-will-be-26-episodes pace. Everything is so unfamiliar, so stylish, so black =)


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