I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman. Before “Neverwhere” I had read only 2 of his books, “American Gods” (such shame, I barely can remember what this story was about, need to re-read it) and “The Graveyard Book”. The book I want to say a couple of words about hasn’t significantly changed my opinion.

Richard lives in London and his future is clear. His is going to get married soon, he has a steady job, his life is normal. But one day he acts like a Good Samaritan and helps out a girls who dropped on him and his girlfriend all of a sudden on the street. The girlfriend is disappointed – this act of good will is interfering with her plans, she breaks up with Richard soon but for him the real problems are just beginning. It seems that somehow he has become invisible for everyone. Taxis don’t stop, no one pays attention to him at work and his apartment is already being estimated by new tenants! “All this madness started after that girl I helped out, so she must be the only key to getting everything back!”,  Richard was thinking such way, I suppose =) He embarks on a journey to find that girl.

From this point the book shows us the plot as simple as ABC. Our characters move from point A to point B, then someone tells them that they should go to point C, then they find a thing that clearly shows that the next point is D and so on. This is my main problem with the “Neverwhere” – the absolute linearity of the book. It’s interesting to follow, Gaiman is a great author when it comes to describing locations of inventing strange creatures, but I wish there were moments when the heroes show themselves from a different perspective, demonstrate that they’re not just tokens moved by the author’s hand from one area to another.

About heroes. They are.. okay. Richard wants his ordinary life back and he doesn’t become a superhero who can crash any obstacle that dared stand on his way. His companions are more or less normal, considering the fantasy genre. But two villains here – they’re brilliant. Totally. First of all – they’re maniacs. Second – there’re many jokes related to them, quite dark ones, though.

The second disappointing thing for me is the end of the story. Richard has come back and I really thought that there wouldn’t be any typical reflections like “Oh, this world is so boring, I want back!”. Unfortunately, it turned out to be exactly like that.

P.S. I started looking for a movie based on the book and found that, actually, the novel is the adaptation of the TV series Neverwhere. Haven’t decided yet whether it should change anything in my attitude towards this story but the fact is interesting.


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