I’m leaving Mail.Ru soon, so probably it’s appropriate time to make some reflections on the last three years.

First of all – I was really lucky that I could get this job. I didn’t do formal CS education, I hadn’t worked at big companies but still I managed to pass the interview. Moreover! I started working as a graphics programmer even though back then for me it was just a hobby! I’d had minimal experience writing graphics applications but I got a chance and (I hope) proved that I was worth it.

During those 3 years I helped to release two Allods Online add-ons and the Cloud Pirates game, doing everything you can imagine a video game programmer does. I wrote shaders, tried to detour drivers’ bugs, created my own bugs (I believe I’m responsible literally for hundreds), fixed them. Tried to find solutions that could satisfy both the engine and the artists – sometimes we even found such solutions =) Learned a lot about DirectX 9. Implemented, maybe, several dozens various features in the engine. Nearly had a nervous breakdown. Understood that I can’t put up with colleagues who try to take advantage of their situation at work (a bit vague definition, I know). Although I must mention that I’ve met a lot of very good people here, at Mail.Ru.

It have been good years but now it’s time to move on =)


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