Ping Pong Club!

I believe that “The Ping Pong Club!” is one of the most underrated series, even among ones it belongs to – weird and vulgar ones. I watched it once, many years ago, but if you’d asked me about moments I remember, in the best case scenario I would’ve dug up from my memory an episode about Maeno’s serve and another one about an old lady who could make some jokes using, hhhmmmmm, parts of her body.

Few days ago I decided to refresh my memories and watch an episode or two. And now I can’t stop. Every, literally, every episode is filled with scenes that can be used as an example of how a deviant anime should look like. To my shame I’m a fan of such shows (yep, I like even “Let’s Nupu-Nupu”).

Because as I said I’m a fan of such anime – I can’t recommend “The Ping Pong Club!” to everyone. It’s too perverted, too exaggerated, all characters are awful (I understand that they’re meant to be awful but still) and there’s no plot whatsoever!

P.S. I have to take my hat off to voice actors, especially those who were responsible for Maeno’s and Izawa’s voices.


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