It has been a month virtually without any internet access but, finally, we did it! We’re in Canada, we’ve found a place to stay here, and after we got out apartment connected to the network I can try again to fulfill my resolution about writing a blog post every single day.

And just because today we’ve watched the new “Ghost in the Shell”… Well, it’s terrible. I supposed that Johansson would be the biggest problem of the movie but no. The main problem of this interpretation is its plot. First of all – this is not “Ghost in the shell”. Second – it’s bad even without any comparisons with the original. The cast is awful as well. Major, Batou, Togusa – all of them are not the characters we wanted to see. Major Kusa sorry, Killian looks like she’s trying to pretend as hard as she can that she knows what she’s doing, has very peculiar gait, doesn’t act like Major from the anime and her story is sooo bland. Batou is, perhaps, even worse – in the movie he looks like a typical character of a low-budget action film from 90th.

The authors didn’t expect their audience to be intelligent in any way, so they tried to explain immediately, that “Inside this frame is her brain… soul, spirit, ghost.., ghost, you got it, right? ghost in the shell is because it’s about people’s brain in a cybernetic body and when we’re saying ghost it’s about soul as well…” Arh! The best scenes have been taken directly from the original Oshii’s movie – the episode with Kusanagi’s jump, the pursuit and a short fight with a guy when Major is wearing her thermoptic suit, to some extent – the episode about her diving, and these episode only accentuated the meaningless of everything else. The authors managed to fail (miserably, completely) the story about a garbage collector; the ending that also resembles the final scene of the anime, is questionable. The only one good thing about this pathetic mockery on a famous anime is that there are 3 or 4 seconds with basset hounds on the screen.


P.S. For the first time visited a cinema in London and we’ve had a really nice experience. Great chairs (with leg support!) and huge distance between rows – what else do one need to watch a movie?


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