Canada, how it was, part 1 =)

The first part is going to be about the travel itself. First of all – it was long. In total, we spent about 30 hours in the air, in buses and waiting for the next flight in airports. We were really worried how our cat would be behaving but he was so scared that we hadn’t heard a single sound from him until we started unpacking in the hotel room.

The first part of our way was a bus from Voronezh to Moscow. I’d say it were rather difficult seven hours, the seats weren’t especially comfortable and instead of sleeping we were watching a movie about jails and tough lives of their inhabitants. Unexpectedly, we were only ones who wanted to stop by the airport even though in theory that should’ve been the route destination point.

In Moscow we got a veterinary certificate that stated that our AVIH (animal vivant in hold, great abbreviation, I think) is healthy, checked him in, and here it comes, the second part – the flight from Moscow to Munich. I really appreciate the efforts Lufthansa’s stewards and stewardesses put in their job – we had flown with only Russian airline companies before and the contrast was dramatic.

Munich from above looks like an ideal Civilization map – green and yellow tiles and small houses with red roofs. In the airport we asked an Air Canada employee whether our cat is okay and got a perfect answer that if something had happened we would’ve known that already. Very convincing, isn’t it? The second flight was going to be the most exhausting one – 9 hours transatlantic flight on a packed Boeing 777.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t really tough. The plane was quite comfortable, we watched “your. name” (Sinkai strikes again – magnificently beautiful picture and very average plot) and, in addition, I was sleeping for 4 or 5 hours while Nastya was playing “Don’t Starve”. The lady seating next to us said that we’d love Canada and that London is a good place – she was from Waterloo, not far.

Pearson airport in Toronto is very nice – full of sunlight. And it’s huge! We were met by not a very friendly border officer who asked about money and animals, then got our papers from a much more cheerful officer who was the second person who told us that “London is a good place – nice, quite, affordable”. And then we finally saw our cat, alive and frightened! He was the only part of our baggage we had to show at customs.

When we peeped the plane we’d be flying from Toronto to London we decided that it would be the last flight in our lives – it was a plane with a propeller! But again, reality wasn’t as bad – 40 minutes after we had finally arrived to London, Ontario! Canadians are friendly, we understood that immediately – the first person we asked about some help (we wondered where we could find a particular taxi), she not only explained everything but also called this taxi company, accompanied us outside and waited until the car picked us up. From a guy who had brought the kennel with the cat we also heard a couple of jokes about the most beautiful Sergei he’d met in is life, when Nastya started reassuring him that the cat belonged to her. Well, not the worst beginning of a new chapter in our life, I suppose =)

That’s it for today and the next part is going to be about things Canada surprised us with =)



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