Demi-chan wa Kataritai

We missed several weeks of anime and now trying to catch up with the current state of ongoings as fast as we can. The first show we have finished from the winter 2017 season is “Demi-chan wa Kataritai”. This anime can’t pretend to be something special (it didn’t even try) so just a few words.

This is a harem anime, where three demi-schoolgirls and one demi-teacher fall in love with Takahashi-sensei, who teaches biology and studying demi seems like the only thing he is interested in. Who are demi? They are half-humans, half-monsters. In the anime we can look closer at life of a vampire, a dullahan, a snow woman and a succubus. Of course, Takahashi-sensei cares a lot about peculiarities and problems associated with their half-human nature and no one demi can resist him!


However, the anime isn’t bad at all. Despite its very simple plot (was there any plot at all?) and the fact that we can’t get away from the harem core , “Demi-chan” gives us an opportunity to watch 12 easy-going and relaxing episodes, cheer for Saki-sensei (or another girl) and appreciate Takahashi’s self-control =)



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