Anime Spring 2017 – expectations

Yes, I know, the spring season has already started and it’s time to write about first impressions, not expectations. But we’re still finishing several series from the previous season so our spring hasn’t come yet =)

Attack on Titan 2

Whether you like Attack on Titan or not you should agree that this anime had huge success. Unusual setting, a couple of nice characters (Levi was everywhere), blood flooding the screen – it was difficult to find a person who weren’t watching this show. I think the same situation is with the second part – I have to watch it just because, well, at least my criticism will be justified =)

Boku No Hero Academia 2

I’ll try to watch it, although I can’t say I took great delight watching the first “Academia”. But this anime has quality, for sure.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Another second season, now about a team consisting of several girls and one boy who’re making a video game. The first season was relatively interesting, especially the heroine who’s a heroine of the game (she was impossibly unperturbed in any situation).

Alice to Zouroku

I like the style of this anime, not sure, though, that I’ll finish it. JC Staff are not Gonzo, obviously, but nevertheless they like making absolutely ordinary stories covering them with bright and nice pictures.

Atom : The Beginning

The story about two guys who’re developing robots and the anime that’s made with typical Production I.G’s quality (I hope)? I’m in!

Uchouten Kazoku 2

This is a sequel of one of the weirdest yet most beautiful anime my lovely P.A. Works have ever released. The story about tanuki, tengu and humans – and how they together live in modern Japan. My personal must-watch.

Sakura Quest

P.A Works will be making two shows this spring and the second one, Sakura Quest, is about five girls working for the tourism bureau. Not very impressive, eh? But maybe it’s a new Shirobako, who knows. Will watch for sure.

Tsuki ga Kirei

After Kuzu no Honkai didn’t live up to my expectations (moreover, I’m still wondering – what could make people watch that anime?) I’m apprehensive of such romance shows now. This is again about a school, again about a boy and a girl and their connections and relationships. Perhaps, the only reason I’m going to watch Tsuki ga Kirei is because it’s difficult to make something as gross as… well, you know.


This looks like a new comedy from A1 and it involves manga drawing (ah, it’s so easy to manipulate me).

Warau Salesman

Such a nice visual we have here, don’t we? And the description suggests that we’re going to get something like, hm, Petshop of Horrors? I think, it’s worth trying.

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni

“She wonders if what she and the priest do is really right” (AnimeNewsNetwork) How can one resist such a synopsis? =)



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