Finally I’ve bought a PS4! I didn’t want to move the console from one country to another so I had to put off this purchase for a long time.


Yep, pretty standard set of games. Persona 5 and Horizon – you all will have to wait a bit longer =)

EB Games is a nice store and I think it’s great that they give you an opportunity to sell your games and buy recycled ones (we’ve picked up a recycled copy of “The Witcher 3”). And there is a lot of stuff like Pokemon mugs and Sailor Moon toys (and a Deadpool statue – I was so pathetic that took a photo with it):

Ice-cream celebration (it was the first warm day in weeks, after all!).


The way home was rather funny because the man next to us was intently investigating his two brand new pairs of underwear (of course, where else you should do it if not in a bus) and one guy was loudly telling his friend what he’s going to do in the future and that he’s always in the shade of his sister – made us feel so old!


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