Gabriel Dropout

In the life of every angel and demon there’s a moment when they have to leave their beloved Heaven or, respectfully, Hell and spend some time on Earth, among people, because their future “work” is closely related to, hm, us.

It seemed that Gabriel, our main character, was going to become a legendary angel, she was perfect in studies, wanted to help people, etc, etc. But on Earth, in Japan, she discovered a world of video games and understood that she doesn’t care about all these holy nonsense and even if she is going to help someone out it’ll be in an MMO.


Gabriel’s teleportation isn’t very successful

Despite the fact that Gabriel’s lifestyle suspiciously looks like a lifestyle of a hikikomori, she has friends. Demon Vignette, who is good as demon as Gabriel – as an angel. Vignette is too kind, too careful, too “angelic” perhaps. Satanichia – who’s going to become the Archidemon but can’t even do anything about a dog stealing her melon pan. Rafiel, an angel, whose main source of entertainment is observing how her friends are trying to get out of the situations she has created. I have to add that Vignette is the cutest character here ^_^ And Satanichia is the weirdest, probably, the scene about her job interview was hilarious!


Gabriel Dropout is a kind of funny show, but like the anime about Umaru (the authors are the same) it’s funny only from time to time and you’ll have to wait patiently for good jokes watching stereotypical school-life-comedy-anime scenes. Frankly, you’ll miss nothing if you decide to skip this story.




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