Canada, part 2

In the second part I’m going to write about how we’re looking for an apartment to rent here.

When we’re only preparing to move to Canada we had an illusion that it wouldn’t be very difficult – find a place to stay. “There’s going to be a whole week before I start working, what could possible go wrong?” How naive we were… It’s difficult to find a place if you’re with a pet. It’s even more difficult if you want to live not far from Downtown. Don’t want to pay more than 1000$? The level of difficulty just has risen more. After a couple of days of searching we understood that the goal we’re trying to achieve is second to impossible.

The main problem was that we’re migrants. We want this damn apartment now, but typically all places (all good places, at least) are rented in advance, in March it’s possible to find an apartment to move in in May. Or June. We’re migrants and therefore we can’t show any references from our previous landlords and we, obviously, don’t have a Canadian credit history, all I can show was my work permit. You should’ve seen faces of build managers when we’re telling them that that document was basically the only thing we had proving our creditability. Yes, we’d read some stories on the Internet before that one of the ways to solve that problem is to offer 3-month payment, for example, but I’m still not sure that anyone would’ve agreed even if we had tried that.

Long story short – we managed to find a place, not far from a park, just in a 10-15 minutes walking distance from the place I work; the price is… well, we’re ready to pay such amount of money. On the first floor, not very big – but I think that we’re lucky.



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