Finished off the “Neuromancer”. Had been thinking that it’d be nice to read that classic cyberpunk  book for a while and when I finally did it… it was way far from what I had expected. To make things worse, for me as for a non-English speaker, it’s rather difficult to read it and I could’ve easily missed something that makes the book so popular. Basically, I didn’t get it (I’m kinda stupid, though, so that shouldn’t be a surprise). Anyway, the description of Japanese underworld was really nice. Now I’m going to discover what our London Public Library is ready to offer to a fellow seeker of a good book.

Had the window repaired – one day it just fell out of the frame. We were shocked, Lan, our building manager was shocked and Ray, the guy who’s responsible for maintenance here, was shocked =) Ray built a brand new window for us from a slab of foam and some tape – it wasn’t even cold during the night. We got the new glass installed the next day – really fast, and didn’t even pay for it (or maybe there’s some catch we don’t know about)

Watched almost everything we’re going to in the new anime season, once I make up my mind I’ll drop a couple of words about it.


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