Anime spring 2017, part 2

Alice to Zouroku

Watched just 2 episodes and so far this anime evokes mixed feelings. A story about kids possessing supernatural abilities isn’t something especially new and it’s unlikely that it will be developing in an unexpected way or will surprise us with anything at all. Main characters are nice and I pretty sure that Zouroku, an old man and florist, is going to get universal admiration. I like how the series is drawn but 3D scenes are horrible and what’s even worse is that these awful boxes that are pretending to be cars are regularly shown on the foreground. One more thing that I didn’t understand is why the authors decided to include references to “Alice in Wonderland” because that doesn’t add anything and doesn’t make the show more deep and interesting.


Boku No Hero Academia 2

I can’t explain why but so far the second season is more interesting for me than the first one. Even though it’s become an even more typical shounen than it was before. Competitions, superpowers, friendship and attempts to overcome own weaknesses – we have seen all that before. Anyway, this anime is easy to watch and has all chances to be prolonged for several more seasons.


Gin no Guardian

Frankly, I didn’t manage to even finish the first episode. Couldn’t find a single reason to. What were we watching? A dormitory, several girls, a guy with an odd cat fighting thousands of zombies, the same guy sitting with a computer by the pool… and there we stopped. I think it’s a bad sign when a show doesn’t even try to attract, to catch a random viewer (were they trying to do that using this cat?!) I’d say I will read reviews of the episodes without spending any time on them.


Renai Boukun

One more show we’re not going to watch anymore. This is a harem anime, slightly resembling “Yamada and seven witches”, where an angel of love makes a mistake and writes the incorrect name in her “Kiss note”. If you write down names A and B in this note and put “x” between them then these people will fall in love with each other. The angel finds it really amusing to put many, many names in one line (like “AxBxCxD”), including her own name, and here we are – the love, hmm, polygonal figure (that wasn’t a triangle, for sure) is ready. Maybe for this cupidon it was amusing, for us – not so much.


Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni

I’ll be very short here – this looks like a hentai that has been splitted in several episodes. If I wanted to watch a hentai I’d find something more interesting. (Will be funny if I’m totally wrong and actually this is a good anime.)


3 thoughts on “Anime spring 2017, part 2

  1. I think the Silver Guardian would be better binged. I’m following it, but individual episodes are doing nothing. However, by episode 5, there’s actually a pretty good overall narrative, even if the individual episodes are still pretty empty. And as they are only 13 minutes, that’s about an hour of watching so it will probably feel just over movie length by the time it is done. Hopefully it finishes the overall story or else it will have just been a waste of time all around.

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