Makoto Shinkai is everywhere now and I’m wondering – why? Did really become such a game-changer? I’m afraid I can attract a lot of puzzled glances for that but this movie isn’t his best work, it’s a typical Shinkai’s full-length stuff with stunning picture and very intriguing and emotional beginning that gets pretty ordinary and boring after about half an hour. The same was with “Kumo no Muko” and “Children who chase lost voices”. All his best works are short (yep, even my favorite “5 cm per second”, which can easily be viewed as 3 short movies) and in that format his talent to show feelings and relationships can be seen most distinctly. His movies are not about plot, it’s rather mediocre, but about something transcendent, magical, about things you can feel and not just follow the storyline. Unfortunately, this magic can’t last long – it’s nearly impossible to keep the same emotional level for even an hour. So I’m cynically but cincirely looking forward to his next short movie. 


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