Small anime observations:

Observation #1

The brand new Akiyuki Shinbo&Nisio Isin’s OVA, Zaregoto, is kind of odd. On the one hand it does have that sense of uniqueness and, hm, aestetic peculiarity, which characterize every Akiyuki’s movie and TV series. On the other hand the plot and dialogs so far (we’ve watched 2 episodes) are far cry from the Monogatari series and even an ingenious director isn’t able to make a great show using just visuals. It’s easy to recall several examples even from own Shinbo’s career – impressive visually but totally boring and bland. Arakawa Under the BridgeSasami-san@Ganbaranai, to some extent – Mekakucity Actors. But 9 volumes of Zaregoto light novel looks like an encouraging factor.

Observation 2

My Hero Academia reminds why I try to avoid shounen anime. Apparently, the school tournament will be the only thing the show will be covering. C’mon, Bones, you can do better!

Observation 3

After the post about dub vs sub it’s even intriguing to watch an episode or two with English dub. Not that I’m going to do that regularly (I’m old and set in my ways) but it’d be interesting to compare English dub quality with Russian one.


And just a GIF with a moment I really liked:


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