We have a long weekend due to Queen Victoria’s birthday and had a chance to see with our own eyes how Canadians like hockey. I mentioned already that many streets had been closed as a part of preparations for a street hockey tournament but, frankly, I thought that the organizers had been way too optimistic about the number of rinks they needed. I have to admit that I was totally wrong. All rinks were in use all the time. Seems like everyone here knows how to play hockey. We saw men teams, women teams, kids teams, family teams –  it feels like all people around you are with sticks. The atmosphere was amazing. If I was either younger or knew anyone here I’d perhaps also participate, instead I can only envy locals =)

First thing we saw today when went on the street

Kids that age play together – boys and girls

Virtually every team has dedicated supporters

Two girls teams are playing

These guys played seriously, a couple of times they were on a verge of starting a fight


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  1. Надо было внимательнее читать, пропустил ответ на свой вопрос. =) Извиняюсь.


  2. Я теперь думаю, что надо на работе поспрашивать, может кто играет, я бы тоже попробовал. В нормальный хоккей я не умею, а в уличный может и получилось бы=)

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