Attack On Titan 2 is surprisingly good, maybe even better than the first one. When I was watching this anime a couple of years ago I wanted the authors to change just two things: more mysteries (with revealing, ideally) and less Eren on the screen. So far the second season is satisfying me much more regarding my shameless wishes. Plus, the overall quality of the show in terms of how action scenes are made is the same. The heroic and pompous speeches are flowing from the screen nonstop, everything as we like.

Kado The Right Answer is still a dark horse to me. Watched 3 episodes and everything is sooo slow. I may guess that the plot is going to move to the confrontation between the alien’s desire to push the humanity progress of the whole planet and inability of countries to work together but I can be wrong, for sure; and even if my guess is correct I still don’t know whether I like such a direction or not. What else… the scientist with a huge childish-look computer looks awfully among all these high-ranked and serious officials and best negotiators in our universe and she irritates me a lot.

Even if Bones decide to create the next Boku No Hero Academia (whom I’m lying to, they definitely will make it) I’ll skip it. Enough. 12 episodes for a single tournament is too much for my taste. It was a mistake to start the first season in the first place and obviously I shouldn’t have even though about watching the second. Will finish it and will give myself a promise that “never again”.

To wrap up, a nice moment from Eromanga-sensei.



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