Nothing interesting happened today (except that we had a TV delivered) so probably it’s time to write about things that surprised us in Canada. About time, eh? A small disclaimer first – we haven’t visited other places except London yet, so I’m when I’m writing “here” it doesn’t mean “here, in Canada” but “here, in London”.

Stereotypes. Canadians are very polite and friendly. True. We asked tons of rather stupid questions, our English is far from being perfect and still locals helped us and didn’t show any signs of hostility and suspicion. At the same time, despite their general positive attitude, it seems that Canadians prefer to avoid close contacts with people. Maybe I got such impression because we’re foreigners who haven’t integrated well enough. One more things about stereotypes – I haven’t heard even a single time that anyone here said “aboot” and “eh?” is a rare beast as well =)

People here like coffee. Whenever we’re walking we saw people with “Tim Hortons” cups. Tim Hortons is a good coffee, by the way.

All people drive. It’s a fact. Now it’s about summer and situation with people on the streets is getting better but still – mostly they drive to a particular point and only then start walking. Buses are half-empty. All shopping malls are located on the outskirts of the city.

There are a lot of people who speak English even worse than I do. Quite unexpectedly.

Canadians do like hockey. Many of my co-workers wear jersey and I’d say that baseball caps with a team logo on them take their place on heads of, maybe, half of population.

Everything is very expensive comparing to Russia. Food is twice as expensive, for example. I’d better skip the part about mobile phones and internet provider services. One of few exceptions is electronics, things like TVs or consoles.

There are a looot of squirrels. And virtually no pigeons.

People here don’t like to wear jackets or hats even when it’s cold outside. Maybe they are used to it, maybe it’s related to the point about “everyone drives”.

There’s a difference between a credit and a debit card, even processing companies are different. Yep, debit cards here are not very familiar Visa or MasterCard but something frightening named “Interac”.

I think, it’s enough for the first time, will make additions to this post when remember something interesting.


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