Anime I’d like to re-watch.

This is not a list with recommendations, these anime aren’t “best” in any categories, I watched them many years ago and this nostalgic feast may end up with throwing hands up and asking myself why the hell I watched them before in the first place. But it’s better to try and then get disappointed, right? So, just for myself, if all of a sudden all ongoing anime turn out to be dull, I’ll have this nice short list (or probably, I’ll be adding records to it and it will be not so short).


I miss these characters soo much. Slayers used to be everywhere, at least in our city, in early 2000s, and I’m sure that it was impossible to find anyone who didn’t know such names as Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis or Amelia. Just remembering how Lina read Dragon Slave and Giga Slave conjures up tons of good memories. Moreover, I re-watched the second season several years ago and it was still funny and interesting.

Oruchuban Ebichu

Hamsters rarely happen to be main characters in anime. Especially such smart and loyal as Ebichu. One of the most vulgar and yet the best shows from a studio that used to be my favorite for many years, Gainax. Billions of dubious jokes and a mini-series about Ebichuman. And Ebichu was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi!


After so many stories about Araragi and his, hm, friends I began slightly forgetting the first anime from this series. One additional plus is that this is one of few stories where we can regularly see Senjogahara because even though I do like Shinobu and Hachikuji, Senjogahara has some unique charm (tsundere power, maybe?)


It was one of the best romantic comedies for me, I read the manga recently also liked it. Hope that the second run will be as entertaining as the first one was. A hat flying to the sky – it has its origins here.

Kino No Tabi

What I can recall about this anime is that is was about a girl who talks with her motorcycle and that the anime doesn’t have a plot – just a bunch of separate stories. back in the day I thought that those stories were serious and intriguing, would be interesting to compare my impressions after some time has passed.

School Rumble

Yep, this is just another school comedy anime but the characters there were hilarious: badass Harima who hopelessly loves Tenma-chan, who, consequently, is patiently waiting when Karasuma-kun finally notices her feelings. But Karasuma is persistent and uncompromising and his choice between Tenma and ramen is obvious. There are two seasons and both were great but I think that even re-watching the first one is enough to get an impressive shot of humor.



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  1. Finally, I see some love for KareKano. Seriously underrated, imo.
    I still love the opening sequence of School Rumble. I smile every time I watch it. I hated how the anime tried to wrap up the story though with those awful OVAs.
    And yes, Kino’s Journey. I worship that anime. 🙂

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