Summer has come and various events take place in Victoria park (5 minutes from us) virtually every week. This week it’s something called “International Food Festival”. Basically, there are just several dozens of food tracks offering Thai, Mexican, Indian and other cuisines. Not a huge variety, unfortunately. Even from that restricted assortment we managed to buy something that probably might be called “american food” and what you’re supposed to eat on such festivals only after you’ve already tried out something, well, Nigerian. Bbq ribs, bbq chicken and poutine. And beer! As a dessert – something that’s called “Beaver Tails“! Looks healthy, eh?

Saekano 2

Analyzing my thoughts about anime this season it looks like I’ve become a kind of old geezer and soon going to yell at kids something like “get off my lawn!” Can’t help it – today’s post is another rumbling (very short one), dedicated to the second season of Saekano.

This is an anime about a high-school student, Tomoya-kun (aka Rinri-kun) who is an otaku and positive that relationships with 3d girls are impossible. Despite his attitude he’s constantly surrounded with girls (very 3d) – cousins, childhood friends, classmates – and all of them demonstrate astonishingly strong affection for him. After all, Rinri-kun isn’t just an ordinary student because he has a Dream! He wants to create the best dating sim game in the world. The team who was going to make the game, hmm, teamed up in the first season.

Have to admit, the first season was good enough for me. Thanks, mostly, to Kado-san, a girl who becomes a model for the main character of the game. The second season… if it weren’t for Kado we would’ve dropped it pretty quickly, I think.

The game has been made. It even demonstrated some success. But before the release and after it – there were so many nonsense scenes, where characters were stubbornly ignoring any logic and acting weirdly just to create some “drama”! Artists losing their muse and Rinri-kun believing in them. Eriri, deciding that only painting with watercolor in the middle of nowhere can save the project. “Let’s redo the plot in last minute” twist. Rinri again who hasn’t made a single attempt in a month to find out why Kado is mad with him. And, of course, the winner is Tomoya-Rinri who shows inhuman, nearly Araragi-kun’s level skills in avoiding sex, in spite the fact that all the girls are willingly stay with him for a night and don’t even try to hide their intentions (hey, Kasaminagaoka Utaha-sempai!) Even Kado in the last couple of episodes wasn’t that Kado we’d like to see (character developmentā„¢)

I don’t have even a faintest doubt that we’ll get the third season but I’ll be smarter next time. Saekano, get off my lawn!

Graf was right – as he told me the Novigrad part of the Witcher 3 is much better than the previous part. Basically, it feels like a new game. Long chains of quests, jokes, which are generously scattered everywhere and even several ways to solve those quests! And the most important thing – beautifully written conversations are still here!

P.S. Geralt playing a witcher on stage looks like something borrowed from a different genre but at the same time it completely makes sense in this game (can’t say that about gwent, unfortunately).

Attack On Titan 2

First of all, I think that it initially was a bad idea to make the second season of “Attack On Titan” now. Maybe I’m wrong, but the manga isn’t finished (still) and it was obvious that we are going to enjoy the third (fourth, etc.) seasons of this soap opera. For me it looked like the second seasons was made just to heat expectations a bit and remind us that the answer to the question “What anime would you recommend if I’m looking for the most pompous dialogues in the history of anime” hasn’t changed.

Has anything changed at all? At the beginning I thought that yes. Damn, I thought that first 4 or 5 episodes were great! We virtually didn’t see Eren, we had that mysterious Titan in the Wall, we had a clever titan who could speak… But unfortunately then I got what I deserved – 6 episodes about nothing. In desperation, I really hoped the authors would kill someone from the main characters to push the plot a bit. Haha. Instead, I was fed with a tragic story about three titans. And we learned that Krista is Historia and that she is very important. Anything else? Hmmm… bits and pieces. Which we had to extract during dialogues. Have I just said “dialogues”? Sorry. During characters’ speeches. Which were kind of tedious this time.

The last episode was good, again, with that village titans were from, with that new power Eren has in his possession. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that year after (it’s been announced that the third season will be released in 2018) I’ll still be able to remember what what that last episode and this story in general are about. Moreover, after the first season I did care about this anime, I was looking forward to the second one. All that left after these 12 episodes is “Okay, I’m done with it and can watch something more interesting now”.


Finally going to take up the IELTS exam. Registered for the test on July 8th. Think it’s going to be quite an adventure, considering that I’ve never tried anything like that and haven’t been doing any preparations for a long time.

In parallel to the preparations will try to convince local organizations that my diploma isn’t fake and that I know a thing or two in the engineering field.

Yep – starting doing our permanent residency application =)