Want to sleep and nothing else. Today in the library was trying to give my health card instead of the library card, couldn’t remember any words to have even a small chat at work and so on. Two days off now and hopefully I’ll get enough sleep. This weekend is dedicated to Canada’s 150th birthday and probably there will be a lot of interesting stuff to watch, need to be as a cucumber.

Very, very slowly finishing off current anime season. Slowly because so far it was mostly disappointing (except for Uchouten Kazoku and Sakura Quest, awesome series). In addition, decided to get acquainted with modern Russian movies – managed to watch 3 or 4 Bad Comedian reviews =)

I’m wondering – maybe Anthrax is one of the most popular bands here in Canada? I have a bunch of t-shirts but no one gives a damn about a t-shirt, let’s say, with the Cannibal Corpse logo. But seems that my Anthrax shirts attracts attention immediately, when I’m wearing it many people say something like “Oh, like your t-shirt, man!”, “Great shirt”, etc. Mystery.

Little Witch Academia

Trigger tried to take the world by storm, releasing “Kill La Kill” as their first “big” title. Was their attempt successful? I’d say yes. Even though Kill La Kill suffered from many issues it was very bright, fresh, unusual, Gainax-type show.Unfortunately, next several shows weren’t as great. Inou-Batoru was nichijo-keu no Naka de – can anyone recall this anime? Kiznaiver had intrigued with its plot idea and then disappointed. Luluco, Inferno Cop? Well, I’m sure they have their fans but unlikely can be considered as a valuable asset for a studio.

Trigger had taken the bull by the horse and instead of coming up with new ideas went through all obstacles using a simple way. “Hey, all people like our OVAs about little witches. Why won’t we be so damn generous and give them 25 brand new episodes about Akko?!” Has this idea turned out to be worthy?

Yes and no.

Trigger can do mainstream animation as no one else studio. Kill La Kill was simply brilliant in terms of animation and even three or four years after its release people still post gifs with Mako or Ryuko. Little Witch Academia keeps carrying that bar – it’s more simple but still colorful and, the most important, unusual for the modern world of making stereotypical camera angles and character movements. This anime is very easy to watch and it has some lovely heroines and… and probably that’s it.

On the other hand the show is so fond of the idea that even if you’re a stupid, impudent, nosy, have no talent whatsoever, don’t know where to stop – anyway, you will find friends who will put up with all your peculiarities, you will have enough luck to solve any problem and so on. And you shouldn’t try to change yourself, no, no! On this feast of uniqueness even Diana, who’s a stereotypical¬† good girl from her toes up to the point of her pointy hat, even that Diana looks like a decent character and you care about her much than about Akko.

The plot is too straightforward, to childish. There are no, you know, bad guys – be the end of the anime you should understand and forgive all the villains. Professors in the academia are constantly demonstrating that there are not so many people who want to teach young witches, otherwise they, with all their lack of knowledge and reckless behaviour, would’ve never gotten their positions.

Probably, this story hasn’t ended. It’s always possible to find a new threat for the magic in the world, for the witches and for the academy. I hope that, at least, Trigger is going to wait some time before triggering a new season (I’m a terrible punster, hehe).

In addition, soon we’ll get a game dedicated to Akko and her friends:


One more interesting task to do: need to call up my university and try to convince them that they should prepare and send me mark sheets. It would very very difficult if I was in Russia and asked about that in person – have no idea how I can make other people work for an unknown guy who is 8000 km away. Had I only known that I would have to evaluate my diploma here I would’ve certified it with apostille.


This anime is not as bad as you might have guessed. Harem? It could’ve been worse. The name promised something about tough daily life of a manga author but concentrated mostly on his relationships with girls? But there are even a couple of manga editors, not even mentioning other manga authors! Jokes about dicks? Well, at least it allows Eromanga-sensei to stand out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone but at the same time I wouldn’t say that it’s horrible or anything like that. Despite its countless flaws and weaknesses Eromanga-sensei is watchable. The story focuses on how Izumi-kun (or Izumi-sensei, because he is a manga author) is building his relationships with his stepsister who doesn’t leave her room, at how, the same time, he’s trying to politely turn down all dating offers from all his female friends – this story is absolutely ordinary but did we really expected more from a romantic comedy whose author wrote “OreImo”? And I don’t think that Eromanga-sensei is worse than the story about Kirino, her brother and Kuroneko. Characters? We’ve seen them thousands times. Jokes? A few really good ones but others weren’t “meh”, just okay.

One more note – if this anime hadn’t been made by A1 than I would’ve skipped it just after reading the synopsis but unfortunately I’m keen on shows from a few studios and A1 is one of them (probably, that’s a bad habit)