So, a few words about out trip to Toronto.


VIA Rail Canada trains are quite nice, both we had pleasure riding on were not new but rather comfortable. Very unusual was the fact that we were assigned a honored role of passengers responsible for emergencies and were given instructions, very detailed, what we had to do in the case of an aforementioned emergency. On the way back the conductor even asked me to come with her to the back door of the car and showed how I could open it and what I needed to do to help others. One more interesting thing is a kind of stand or pedestal that should help you to just step out of the train, without jumping – had never seen anything like that! One question without the answer so far is how people with wheelchairs are accommodated in a car – does a train have special cars with some additional space? In Russia it’s basically impossible to see anyone with disabilities on the street, not even talking about using a train so we’d never thought about such things before.

Just 2,5 hours and we’re in the very downtown of Toronto. First thing to see – CN Tower. It’s not that we’re looking forward to visiting it and were counting minutes before getting in. Basically, it was a sort of “we have to watch it just because.. we have to” thing. However, glass floor was rather exciting. View on the lake Ontario was also really spectacular.

Fortunately, downtown Toronto is better than I had expected. It wasn’t as busy and crowded as it might’ve, comparing to Moscow at least. Maybe that’s because of Saturday, maybe we simply chose good streets to walk. But anyway, so far for me Toronto is a city full of glass boxes. These monstrous constructions are everywhere, for the first time in my life I was walking surrounded with nothing but skyscrapers, like in a game. It isn’t good or bad, just really, really unusual. And… Krispy Kream turned out to be not so great =( I like donuts and was going to enjoy them but the assortment and service were like… well, anyway, we’ll try something else next time.

Glass. Glass is everywhere

But it’s still possible to find some old-fashioned buildings

I don’t know, maybe we made a huge mistake for the first time in the city and we should’ve gone somewhere else, but we decided to go to Royal Ontario Museum. It isn’t big but at the same time it offers enough exhibitions to spend plenty of time there and go out completely satisfied. Dinosaurs, animals, minerals, exhibitions dedicated to ancient civilizations – a lot of stuff to see! It’s fascinating but very exhausting (like any interesting museum, I suppose) – we spent there about 4,5 hours and didn’t want anything at all after that.

Hehe, kind of ominous, isn’t it?

Modern knights

One doubtful burrito and one short walk later we’re again in the train on the way back to London. Turned out, everything is not so scary and if we want we can visit Toronto again in no time. And I’m sure that we’ll do it.

P.S. Seems that saying jokes to a conductor is a bad idea and they’re not going to keep the ball rolling =(


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