Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken

A transfer student, Tetsuko Alisugawa (Arisugawa?) isn’t very fortunate. Her new classmates try to bully her (not very successfull, though) and her desk in the new class had been empty for a long time because the student who seated there apparently was killed under some suspicious circumstances. To make things worse, Tetsuko lives in the same house and in the same room in which that killed student lived. However, no one really knows anything about this murder and whether there was a murder at all. The girl decides to investigate things herself and the first person she needs to ask about everything is Hana, her classmate who doesn’t go to school.

This anime isn’t very deep, but I liked how the main character, Tetsuko (Alice) is acting – she is the main star here and she is really believable. She isn’t a good girl with childhood traumas, she isn’t genius, she isn’t funny and if she was real – I’m not sure that I would get along with her. But as an anime character she is wonderful. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the second girl, Hana, we don’t learn much about her personality, just bits and pieces about her life.

One more frightening thing about this movie is that it’s done using rotoscoping. This is a very peculiar technique, after all, and it might be a negative factor for some people, even though “Hana to Alice”‘s rotoscoping sequences aren’t the worst in the industry.

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