Blindly followed modern trends and watched the first episode of “Handmaid’s Tale”. This is a new dystopian TV show and its ratings on sites like imdb are surprisingly high.

The future as usual is dark and desperate. Especially for women who can have children. This ability has become extremely rare and such women are forced to work as maids and have sex with their masters. Not because anyone really wants it but because this is the only way to have a heir. We will be watching the story of one of maids and probably will figure out how our world ended up as such an unpleasant place.

Thw show is going to be grim, for sure. Visuals, scenes with collective punishments – everything plays its role. I’m not so sure about the plot, though – I’m apprehensive that the authors might try to cover everything with cruelty and tear-squeezing moments without any reasonable explanations why all this has happened in the first place.


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