There are so many streets that have same names in Canada that it was impossible to just ignore it. Putting aside some obvious names (like King street or Waterloo street) and after a quick research:

Richmond – probably had its roots in old French, “rich” – the same word as in English, and “mont” – hill. But street are probably named after the town of Richmond in North Yorkshire.

Dundas – a gaelic “south hill” or “pretty hill”. There used to be Clan Dundas in Scotland.

Wellington – probably named after the city of Wellington, Somerset, UK. The name itself means “wealthy estate” (Weolingtun). I was positive that there was admiral Wellington, even though I can’t explain why I was so sure about that.

Adelaide – one of the easiest, named after a queen consort of the United Kingdom (had never heard of her before).

The list is incomplete and I’m going to add records to it.




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