Attack On Titan 2

First of all, I think that it initially was a bad idea to make the second season of “Attack On Titan” now. Maybe I’m wrong, but the manga isn’t finished (still) and it was obvious that we are going to enjoy the third (fourth, etc.) seasons of this soap opera. For me it looked like the second seasons was made just to heat expectations a bit and remind us that the answer to the question “What anime would you recommend if I’m looking for the most pompous dialogues in the history of anime” hasn’t changed.

Has anything changed at all? At the beginning I thought that yes. Damn, I thought that first 4 or 5 episodes were great! We virtually didn’t see Eren, we had that mysterious Titan in the Wall, we had a clever titan who could speak… But unfortunately then I got what I deserved – 6 episodes about nothing. In desperation, I really hoped the authors would kill someone from the main characters to push the plot a bit. Haha. Instead, I was fed with a tragic story about three titans. And we learned that Krista is Historia and that she is very important. Anything else? Hmmm… bits and pieces. Which we had to extract during dialogues. Have I just said “dialogues”? Sorry. During characters’ speeches. Which were kind of tedious this time.

The last episode was good, again, with that village titans were from, with that new power Eren has in his possession. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that year after (it’s been announced that the third season will be released in 2018) I’ll still be able to remember what what that last episode and this story in general are about. Moreover, after the first season I did care about this anime, I was looking forward to the second one. All that left after these 12 episodes is “Okay, I’m done with it and can watch something more interesting now”.



3 thoughts on “Attack On Titan 2

  1. I agree the first episodes of this season felt better. I was really enjoying the season, far more than I had expected to after such a long delay and some of the issues in the second half of season 1. Then we got the second half of this and I just felt that this show still hasn’t learned how to progress a story. While the last episode was pretty good and ended up leaving me fairly conflicted with where I stand on this season overall, I’m fairly convinced at this point that Attack on Titan is pretty great if you just want a really desperate, end of the world struggle with horrible people at the helm. It has its awesome moments and they are awesome, but then there is everything else.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’d like to agree with you but I just can’t, mainly because this season didn’t live up to my expectations. It wasn’t even close. This would be a great show about living in a world on the verge of imminent death, it would be a great show about horrible people – but if it didn’t contain about 40 episodes (already!) Because for an anime of such length we should have some movement forward. Cynically speaking, we should be entertained on a constant basis. It may be an interesting plot, it may be the world itself, it may be characters development, it may be just moment here and there that catch our attention – but the second “Attack on titan” offered nothing of those. Story advancements could’ve been easily packed into 3 or 4 episodes, main characters haven’t changed neither their behaviour nor their relationships… yes, we have learned a story of Reiner, Berthold and Ymir – but are their stories really interesting? I’m sure that we could’ve gotten a better show if they had postponed it. 26 episodes, yes, next year – but without these fillers and with a complete story. Of course, such a pace – it may be an issue of the original, but authors, please, make some adjustments then!

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  3. I feel that way about most adaptations. Why they try to faithfully reproduce material that was never intended to be a twenty minute episode always confuses me. Take the story and characters and then write a good anime from it and then deliver it. Simple and yet rarely done.


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