Graf was right – as he told me the Novigrad part of the Witcher 3 is much better than the previous part. Basically, it feels like a new game. Long chains of quests, jokes, which are generously scattered everywhere and even several ways to solve those quests! And the most important thing – beautifully written conversations are still here!

P.S. Geralt playing a witcher on stage looks like something borrowed from a different genre but at the same time it completely makes sense in this game (can’t say that about gwent, unfortunately).


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  1. Ну посмотрим, сейчас пока побегаю, наконец, побочные задания повыполняю. Кстати, Настя в horizon сейчас играет – забавно сравнивать с Ведьмаком

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  2. HZD, это все же action adventure а не RPG, если только графику сравнивать. =)


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