This anime is not as bad as you might have guessed. Harem? It could’ve been worse. The name promised something about tough daily life of a manga author but concentrated mostly on his relationships with girls? But there are even a couple of manga editors, not even mentioning other manga authors! Jokes about dicks? Well, at least it allows Eromanga-sensei to stand out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone but at the same time I wouldn’t say that it’s horrible or anything like that. Despite its countless flaws and weaknesses Eromanga-sensei is watchable. The story focuses on how Izumi-kun (or Izumi-sensei, because he is a manga author) is building his relationships with his stepsister who doesn’t leave her room, at how, the same time, he’s trying to politely turn down all dating offers from all his female friends – this story is absolutely ordinary but did we really expected more from a romantic comedy whose author wrote “OreImo”? And I don’t think that Eromanga-sensei is worse than the story about Kirino, her brother and Kuroneko. Characters? We’ve seen them thousands times. Jokes? A few really good ones but others weren’t “meh”, just okay.

One more note – if this anime hadn’t been made by A1 than I would’ve skipped it just after reading the synopsis but unfortunately I’m keen on shows from a few studios and A1 is one of them (probably, that’s a bad habit)


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