Kado: The Right Answer

Finished this anime today and my only two thoughts are:

“What has it been?” and “Why have I spent my time on it?”

The idea itself is rather fresh and intriguing (though when we’re talking about anime saying anything about freshness and novelty is rather strange, we saw all kinds of weirdness). There is a mysterious alien who comes to Earth, brings new technology and explains what this is “the right answer” and will push humanity forward. All these ultra-new devices have been brought to the Japanese territory and we’re rubbing our hands already in anticipation – how all this will be resolved. The first half, despite being slow and, frankly, a bit boring, at least was logical.

The end of the show was a mess. Zashunina, who’s embraced human feeling just during few month on Earth, starts acting as a badly written villain – turns out that humans have amazed him so much that he immediately needs to transport them to his world or dimension. But! Actually, the only person he really wants to see there is Shindou-kun and it doesn’t matter if other people simply die on the way to the new bright future. What does make Shindou-kun so special? Why have they become friends with the alien? Hmm… Okay, let’s think that this are moments which were offscreen. Although Shindou-san is the main riddle here.

Always, constantly we’re reminded that Shindou is great, is talented, seems that people of both sexes fall in love with him and all people (no exceptions) follow him and do what he suggests. The only explanation why all this happens might be some kind of a parallel story that’s going on at the same time behind the scenes. Let me see. What has Shindou-san done during the show? He believed in guys on the factory and they managed to make a new “super-metal”. He happened to be on the plane that got inside Kado and… didn’t panic there? Looked so confident that even the plain’s crew delegated all work to him? Maybe he showed some enormous negotiation skills representing Anisotropic side in the dialog between Earth and Zashunina? Ah, I see – he has some sense of anisotropy! Yes, that explains everything. But his sense of anisotropy didn’t help much to even think about alien’s intentions! Yes, he might look smart but only because others around him act even more stupidly. The biggest issue with characters here is that they’re supposed to be “the best negotiator” or “a genius scientist” but are unbelievable in their roles – all these loud words aren’t proved with anything but accidents. They somehow managed to create this. Or they somehow understood how that works. Main characters are awful, all of them.

Back to the end of the story. We have another alien here. Who has been observing the life in our universe for millions of years and she (yep, it’s Saraka and that’s, probably, why she can do something against Shindou’s will) doesn’t allow anyone to move progress artificially because… she likes this planet? She doesn’t care much about people who’re going to die or just want to become anisotropic..? Seeing this dilemma, the authors resolved it gracefully, making Zashunina to act like a maniac and instead of finding people who want to move to his dimension (he’s been waiting for millions of years anyway, why does he need to do it right now, all of a sudden?) Zashunina started this process for the whole population of our planet, tried to kill Shindou and, ideally, he should’ve also laughed with, you know, some kind of demonic laugh.

Saraka and Shindou save the day (accompanied by that “genius scientist”) using a plan that finally reveals what kind of power Shindou has in his possession. He can make children! Our couple was going to surprise Zashunina but instead we had just another “deus ex machina” – their super-daughter who is a half-human, half-anisotropic. Being just 16 years old she is somehow much stronger than the alien with billlions of years of experience and just kicks his ass. Going to surprise him? Surprised, yes. Was it their grand plan? Mix DNA, give their daughter over to Shindou’s idiotic friend, wait until she’s 16 (why 16?) and hope that by this age she will be capable of destroying a guy whom she’s never seen and she will have to do it because she was told so by her parents she’s never seen either. Sounds logical. Brilliant plan. Shindou one more time proved that he’s smart (and funny (c)).

We shouldn’t forget that all devices, obviously, were connected to Kado and with its disappearance all those Wams, Sansas stopped functioning. Why? Well, that’s all alien fancy stuff, you know, it always stops working.

Kado would’ve made an okay movie but as a 12 episodes series it’s untenable. It tried to look serious and pretend that there’s more inside than it seemed. That it might make us think about serious questions. Unfortunately, to me all good things that were in this show have been broken with its characters and its ending. Hadn’t the authors made accents on humans but on humanity instead, had they removed the second alien, had they left the ending open and it might’ve become something bigger.



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