Didn’t use PC much at home recently and because of that hadn’t been using linux for a couple of month. Logged in today and all of a sudden got an issue – seeing weird CPU usage spikes and hitches even when simply moving the mouse. Hadn’t experienced that before =( Tried to update video drivers (typically, the main source of problems in the linux world), updated all packages in the system – still no luck. Forums, mostly, suggest checking CPU and GPU cooling and I would’ve agreed but windows seems working okay. Not that this is a show-stopper now, as I said, I barely turn my PC on now, but I’m still going to dedicate some time for programming later, and, in general, I feel more comfortable using linux. Hope I’ll figure out what’s going on and won’t have to re-install the system.

Update: fixed everything up. Turned out that that my TV was the culprit – the system was constantly updating connection to it (still have no idea why) and it was eating up CPU. The xorg.0.log was flooded with messages:

[ 99.218] (–) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Sharp LC-40LB480U (DFP-3): connected
[ 99.218] (–) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Sharp LC-40LB480U (DFP-3): Internal TMDS
[ 99.218] (–) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Sharp LC-40LB480U (DFP-3): 340.0 MHz maximum pixel clock

Switched the GPU outputs for the display and the TV – and everything returned back to normal.


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