Uchouten Kazoku 2

Writers from other studios should take lessons from P.A. Works’ creators who were working on Uchouten Kazoku. My first impression was: “Well, even though it’s been rather pointless, still, it has been great.” My second impression: “Not so pointless, actually!”

Despite being reckless and easygoing anime, anime whose motto is “You should cause troubles and have fun” Uchouten Kazoku managed to show a complete story, involving basically all the characters and containing some twists (not that those twists were really unexpected…) It’s strange to me to say such things about a show whose characters can transform and fly, but Eccentric Family is unusually logical, especially comparing to all that other mess we watch. If we saw an object and characters did accent on this object – we could be sure that it would play its role, sooner or later. If there was a character in the beginning – it won’t be just forgotten by the end of the show. And so on.

This is an urban fantasy, a show where Japanese reality is tangled with Japanese legends and, even deeper this time, with tanuki legends and traditions. This part is one of the strongest “selling points” of Uchouten Kazoku (the second one, maybe, after its peculiar character design.) But the most important part, at least to me, is its characters.

It was absolutely fascinating to watch how Yasaburo and Kaisei were building their relationships. The story about Yaichirou and Gyokuran’s wedding – wasn’t it cute? Don’t think that I need to say anything about Benten, perhaps, the most popular character here, she was just amazing, as always. I can’t remember any tengu or tanuki in this anime, who was just a name without personality.

Uchouten Kazoku’s design and visual… I think it’s better to find some images on the Internet and take a look. They are beautiful, all of them. But my personal prize for an episode with the best graphics is going to the one dedicated to Yasaburo’s travel to Hell.

Are there many differences comparing to the first season? I can’t say that I remember the original anime well, but guess that the second season’s plot is more complete, holistic. We saw more characters and, luckily, they didn’t form a huge colorful stain like it happened with last Durarara’s seasons.

Would I like to see more seasons? I will use my standard answer – no. Sooner or later all series with many episodes end up being boring and predictable, so I’d prefer to remember Uchouten Kazoku as a great anime, consisting of two season, and whose second season was even better than the first one.



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