This is going to be a very short wrap up of a very cute show Tsukigakirei.

As Dazai said, it’s very difficult to find a good romance anime nowdays. And it’s quite a surprise that I enjoyed Tsukigakirei. I expected something horrible, ugly and totally unbearable, because romantic series are tricky beasts and few studios and directors can do them right (and even fewer authors can create good original material). Romantic anime are usually either dramatize everything to some enormous extent, at the same time forgetting about any logic or extremely boring. Well, sometimes it’s not either/or but both. Regularly humor comes to rescue (just imagine, I don’t know, Bokura Wa Mina Kawaisou or even Honey and Clover and KareKano, which I worship, without humor, what would it have been?) but than romantic shows that can make you follow their story carefully without making characters in chibi-style and without jokes are even more valuable.

Tsukigakirei is extremely simple and extremely nice story about a boy and a girl. They are classmates but this is probably the only thing that connects them. Azumi-kun is an aspiring author, quoting Dazai non-stop; Mizuno-chan likes running and she’s a member of the school’s track-and-field club. Their families are completely different – at a glance. They shouldn’t have made a couple. But they did, somehow. We’re watching how slowly, without much drama, their relationships are becoming stronger. Well, some moments there made me regret my choice to watch the show – artificially created problems on the way to happiness looked cheap and Tsukigakirei wouldn’t have lost anything if it didn’t contain them. However, 70% of time it was just cuteness and nothing else. The last episode seemed rather weak (typical story, eh?) and I hated the main character… until the final titles and images, which again happened to be unbelievably cute.

The main downside of the show, however, it its inconsistent visual. There are a lot of images on the Internet, there are some gifs on tumblr, etc. but they mostly show good moments. Unfortunately, the anime contains tons of horrible animations, dozens scenes I wish I would’ve never seen and authors even managed to put a recap episode into 12-series show that has just several characters and which plot can be described in 3 sentences!

Nevertheless, as a pretentious final word – Tsukigakirei is a good anime that brings a bit of faith in true love, which even being naive can light up our world (ashamed after this sentence I’m running away from the computer.)



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